Perfection Products, Inc.
1320 Indianapolis Ave.
Lebanon, IN 46052
Phone: (765) 482-7786
Fax: (765) 482-7792


Perfection Products, Inc. started in 1971 as a one-man machine shop.  Over the years our progress has been astounding and closely parallels the rapid leaps made in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

The business has evolved from operating out of a small one-car garage to its present location, a newly constructed 35,000 square feet state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

One reason for this steady growth has been due to our creation of the one-piece extruded magazine.  This revolutionary concept has made Perfection Products, Inc. a well-respected name in the semiconductor industry worldwide over the past four decades.

In addition, our commitment to personal service, high standards of quality control, and our skilled, energetic, and experienced craftsmen keeps Perfection Products, Inc. the leading designer and manufacturer of Front-of-Line through End-of-Line processing products which exceeds our customer's demands.

We specialize in:
Aluminum Tubes and Rails Boat Magazines Film Frames / Wafer Saw Frames Film Frames Magazines Grip Rings / Expander Rings Grip Ring Magazines Lead Frame Magazines Multiple Channel Magazines Miscellaneous Magazines Printed Circuit Board Magazines Shippers - Film Frames / Wafer Saw Frames Shippers - Grip Rings / Expander Rings Stack Magazines Substrate / MCM Magazines TAB Magazines TO - Tape Magazines Wafer Carriers to tapes,to tape magazines,rails,printed circuit board magazines,film frame magazines,grip ring shippers,Assembly and Packaging,microelectronic devices,semiconductor,processor,microprocessor,quality,perfection,bare die trays,chip trays,IC packaging,IC trays,semiconductor devices,semiconductor,matrix trays, wafer shippers,film frame shippers,chip tubes,boat magazines,film frames,wafer saw,wafer saw frames,grip rings,expander rings,grip ring magazines,lead frame magazines,semiconducter magazines,pcb magazines,circuit board magazines,substrate magazines,process carriers,wafer magazines,wafer carriers